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While custom jobs are our specialty, we also offer several different lines of Standard Flexible Heaters for basic applications and for initial concept testing on more complex systems, including Silicone Rubber Heaters and Twist Tape Heaters.


Silicone Rubber heaters are resistance wire heating circuits laminated between thin layers of fiberglass-reinforced, high-temperature silicone rubber insulation. The thin profile transfers heat quickly. Silicone Rubber heaters are resistant to temperature extremes, moisture, weathering, radiation, fungus and chemical attack. 

Silicone Rubber Heaters
Silicone Rubber Stock Heaters.png

Heaters can be factory vulcanized to a variety of substrates or supplied with pressure sensitive adhesive for installation at the job site. Removable attachment or closure systems, such as boot-hooks and springs, D-rings and straps, and Velcro are also available. Silicone rubber foam insulation can also be added to either aid in heat transfer or protection from touching the hot surface as well as integral temperature sensors and/or thermostats. Please consult one of our customer service representatives for many other solutions to your heating requirements.  

Silicone Rubber heaters also have high dielectric strength and flexibility to provide a cost-effective heating solution. They can be almost any size, shape or configuration and are the ideal solution for many low- and medium-temperature applications that do not conform to standard heater shapes, sizes and dimensions.  

We design and build custom UL Recognized Component heaters in a wide range of shapes, sizes, wattages and voltages as well as a full line of standard stock heaters.  


  • 115V standard 

  • Power densities of 2.5Watts/in.2, 5Watts/in.2 and 10Watts/in.2 cover a wide range of applications 

  • Operating temperature range of -70°F to 450°F 

  • Resistant to many chemical substances 



  • De-icing and anti-icing equipment 

  • Freeze protection for drains in refrigeration equipment 

  • Electric motor dehumidifying 

  • Consumer appliances 

  • Vending equipment 

  • Food service equipment 

  • Security cameras 



UL Haz Loc.JPG


​ We can build custom UL Recognized Component Class 1, Div. 2, Group D  heaters in a wide range of shapes,

 sizes, wattages and voltages.


“Twist Tape” is a preformed Flexible Heater to fit piping from .25" Diameter to 4.0". It is flexible and uniquely designed to accomplish those hard-to-fit requirements on a semi-permanent basis. These heaters are made used the same durable materials as our Flexible Heater and can operate from -70F to 450F. Our standard Twist Tape Heaters are UL recognized.

Twist Tape Heaters
Twist Tape Heater.png

With the pre-formed design, the Twist Tape will stay tightly wrapped around the tubing or pipe without any additional method of securing it in place. Power-In & Power-Out leads allow additional heaters to be added together to heat longer sections without the need of additional power supplies. 


Optional power connectors and thermocouples can be installed, custom power lead lengths, along with voltages up to 480 and custom wattages can be manufactured.  


Benchmark Thermal will design flexible silicone heaters to your specifications in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, wattages, voltages, and power leads. Please call for quotes or use the button below.

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