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Custom or Specialty Insulators

Specialty Insulators


With extensive experience producing molded foam products, Benchmark Thermal is capable of providing customers with endless sizes and shapes possibilities. Specialty foam is produced in the Benchmark facility from quality G.E. Silicone sponge ingredients. 



  • Current Colors: Gray or Orange

  • Design of the molded or formed product can be simple to complex

  • A high degree of uniform repeat ability

  • Straps or Jacket

  • Standard snaps or Ez-snaps

Molded Insulator

molded sweep elbows.jpg

Formed Insulators


Flexible Insulator


Flexible lines can be covered with our Flexible Insulator.


Can be manufactured in several diameters and lengths.


The Flexible insulator can also be used over the Twist Tape Heaters.

flexible insulator.JPG
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